Research and Efficacy Studies

Why Schools Love Us

13/16 states showed statistically significant positive results
4-5.8% higher overall passing rates
+17% higher math proficiency rates

STEMscopes Science

STEMscopes districts showed significant increases in the number of students passing their science standardized test

STEMscopes Math

Higher overall passing rates for STEMScopes math districts compared to non-STEMscopes districts

Math Nation

Higher proficiency rates at Title 1 schools frequently utilizing the Algebra Nation platform than those with low-usage

Explore Our Efficacy Research

With over 8 million students in STEM classrooms across the country, see how our framework drives real-world learning, inquiry, and results. Read about how STEMscopes teachers have made a lasting impact on student outcomes across the country.

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Ready to Inspire a New Way of Stem Learning?

See first-hand how STEMscopes can empower your students with 21st-century learning skills while raising student achievement levels.

Foundational Research Behind Our STEM Programs

This framework provides an overview of our commitment to results-driven STEM programs that empower both educators and students through the use of research-based best practices and strategies.

Theoretical Foundation

Our educational philosophy is built on the foundation of the Constructivist Theory– empowering students to take command of their learning as active participants rather than passive observers.

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Guiding Principles of Best Practice

The essentials of best teaching practices to guide the 21st-century classroom in promoting inquiry and engagement.

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Teaching Model & Strategies

Research-backed and teacher-approved methods, techniques, and more for incorporating a constructivist approach to classroom learning.

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