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Best of STEM | Educators Pick | Winner 2022 Built on the 5E lesson model, STEMscopes Science combines research-based teaching strategies with the invaluable insight of real-life educators to provide a carefully curated, rigorous curriculum that both challenges and sparks the curiosity of students across the country.

STEMscopes Science

5E plus Intervention + Acceleration with over 25 resources each!

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What's New In STEMscopes Science

Product Updates for the 2022-2023 School Year

We took your feedback into consideration and added several enhancements and updates to our curriculum for the new school year. Take a moment to explore them all and see what’s new in STEMscopes!

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Hands-On Learning Through Real-World Application

Breaking the mold of outdated standards, The Next Generation Science Standards equip students with the skills needed to be successful in academics and future careers. STEMscopes’ award-winning curriculum design works together with embedded teacher training to provide both new and veteran educators with the resources and tools needed to prepare students for a lifetime of learning.

Leveraging its digital platform, print, and hands-on kits, STEMscopes NGSS provides a comprehensive approach to Disciplinary Core Ideas, Crosscutting Concepts, and Science and Engineering Practices through the student-driven inquiry of phenomena across flexible storylines.



100% alignment is the cornerstone of all we do. From NGSS to your unique state standards, we write STEM science curriculum from the ground up to match the rigor and depth of all objectives.


5E + IA Instructional Model

STEMscopes pedagogy is rooted in Bybee’s 5E model, Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, and the flipped classroom where students learn by doing and experiencing rather than passively observing.


Engaging, Real-world Connections

Students learn best through hands-on experiences with experiments, exploration of ideas, interpretation of what they observe, and their ability to relate scientific concepts to the real world. STEMscopes Science creates a student-centric, STEM learning environment where students actually get to do science.


Professional Learning

We're here for you every step of the way. Our training programs offer:

  • Hands-on use of instruction materials
  • Practice using embedded, high-impact STEM instructional strategies
  • On-demand trainings to full STEM certification
  • Partner benefits with National Institute for STEM Education

Flexible and Equitable Approach to Teaching and Learning

We equip teachers with more than 25 resources per lesson to effectively differentiate, adapt to any classroom environment, and equitably engage all students in hands-on learning. You can assess or assign lessons digitally or print any element of a lesson for in-person instruction.


Research and Results

With a data backbone boasting more than 40 case studies with hundreds of thousands of students, STEMscopes Science has proven itself a leader in the field AND in driving student results while solidifying a real-world understanding of scientific phenomena.


Blended Learning

Our blended learning platform offers teachers flexible and modular ways to teach. Use our digital platform to assign activities directly to students, enhance literacy with our print, and make hands-on lab setup a snap with our intuitively packaged kits.

Technology And Data Integration

Teaching is hard enough. When it comes to technology and integrations, it needs to just work. STEMscopes Science easily integrates with your favorite LMS while making digital learning fun and accessible.

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LMS Integration

Schoology, Skyward, Clever, and more— we work with your LMS. STEMscopes Science integrations have become synonymous with single sign-on, grade passback, and curriculum mapping.

Google Classroom | Icon

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is here to stay, and with it comes a host of powerful features to make teaching easier and more interactive. Easily connect STEMscopes to your Google Classroom and let the learning begin!

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Online/Offline Mode

If the pandemic taught us anything, it was that digital and virtual learning are vital to reach all students. With our new offline mode, STEMscopes can be just as mobile as your students, syncing whenever they return to an internet connection.

Seamless And Friendly Interface | Icon

Seamless And Friendly Interface

With your feedback, we’ve streamlined our interface, added a beginning digital user student version, and made functionalities like annotations, highlighting, and assigning even easier to use.

Explore Our Digital Science Platform

Hands-on Exploration, Blended Learning, Engaging Content, and Everything In Between

STEMscopes Science Raises Student Achievement

How do we know that our science curriculum works? The proof is in the data.

Our research studies show that using STEMscopes results in a higher number of students who meet or exceed science proficiency benchmarks on state assessments. Having access to high-quality K-12 curriculum not only helps improve U.S. students’ science proficiency levels, but addresses our country’s critical need for students to pursue careers in STEM.

Explore our case studies to find out how districts across the country use STEMscopes to improve their science instruction and overall results.

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STEMscopes Districts Vs. Non-STEMscopes Districts

2020-2021 Science State Standardized Assessments Statistics

Average Overall Passing Rate in STEMscopes Science (across all measured grades): 3.82%
Average 5th Grade Passing Rate in STEMscopes Science economically disadvantaged category: african american students 4.69-7.19%; latino students 2.51-6.73%
Average 8th Grade Passing Rate in STEMscopes Science (not including economicalli disadvantaged): 2.29%

Explore Our Other STEM Programs

Our science curriculum is just the beginning — we offer a full suite of STEM products to engage your students in technology, engineering, math, and more.

Bring science to life with STEMscopes Streaming! In partnership with BBC Learning, this program offers a full library of world-class footage, current events coverage, behind-the-scenes photography, and integrated activities for the classroom.

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Powered by Bitsbox, STEMscopes Coding walks students through the process of building, customizing, and sharing their own digital apps with typed JavaScript code.

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With DIVE-in Engineering, students deconstruct, imitate, vary, and explore real-world engineering problems, then design their own solutions.

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STEMrangers science investigations guide students and parents through a unique mission to save the planet, learning valuable STEM lessons along the way.

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Introduce your pre-K through first-grade students to engaging STEM concepts through centers-based instruction with Early Explorer.

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With a library of more than 800 standards-aligned, interactive lessons, Tuva empowers schools and districts across the country to build data literacy. Educators and students use Tuva’s statistical tools to explore, visualize, and analyze real-world data for a deeper learning experience.

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STEMscopes Math helps your students discover the wonder of mathematics in everyday life through a constructivist approach, CRA-learning, intentional discourse, and the 5E + IA lesson model.

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Math Nation is a dynamic online (and printed workbook) resource that helps students master middle and high school mathematics. Math Nation provides 24-hour access to high-quality instructional videos, workbooks, collaborative learning tools, and adaptive assessments and support.

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What Teachers are Saying

“STEMscopes is great. Until we began using STEMscopes, students didn’t understand that science is everywhere. In kindergarten through fourth grade, they thought science was a book. They didn’t see science as being connected to the real world, so they thought that when they left school they’d never use it again. Now they realize science is everyday life.” Karen Silensky, Fifth Grade Teacher Horizon Elementary, Broward County Public Schools, Florida

“STEMscopes is a major motivator for our students. It helps them grasp concepts, build their critical thinking skills, and connect science to real-world situations." Robin Butcher, Fifth Grade Teacher Horizon Elementary, Broward County Public Schools, Florida

“Because we’ve been using STEMscopes for a few years now, our students are better prepared in science at each subsequent grade level. Our middle school teachers say that students are arriving with a stronger foundation in science than they did a few years ago. They also have a better understanding of what’s expected of them, which is moving the learning process forward much quicker.” Don E. Cowart II, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Coventry Public Schools, Rhode Island

"Being a first-year teacher, I love having everything you need at the access of your computer to complete a lesson plan. From vocabulary, to video with worksheets in not only English, but also in Spanish, as well as extended activities. I love having the hands-on components that include a supply list as well as a quick how-to video on those hands on activities." Amber Moenning, Teacher Crockett Elementary, Wichita Falls ISD, Texas

"STEMscopes has benefited my students and me tremendously. Its practice has encouraged my students to further investigate into the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as a whole. Its curriculum and experiments/activities are readily accessible, easy to use, and educationally comprehensive. I couldn’t be happier with STEMscopes!" Elizabeth Dennis, Fifth Grade Teacher Centro Mater East II, Miami Dade County, Florida

"STEMscopes allows me to focus on students doing science, not just reading about science. The annual student subscription is reasonable and suggests materials that are inexpensive and easy to find, making hands-on science affordable for a small school with a limited science budget." Angelin Petit, Middle School Science Teacher Sacred Heart Catholic School, Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis, Minnesota

"When a new curriculum gets adopted, teachers worry that they’ll need a lot of professional development and that they’ll have to spend hours planning to implement it. They didn’t do that with STEMscopes. They jumped in really quickly. STEMscopes is very intuitive and simple to use." Cyndi Ganfield, Principal Aumsville Elementary, Cascade School District, Oregon

"The vertical alignment in STEMscopes has been a big benefit. It standardized science so everyone is now speaking the same language." Bryan Dyer, Principal Cloverdale Elementary, Cascade, Oregon


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