Real-World Investigations that Make Science Learning Meaningful

Join a mission to understand and nurture the most vital parts of our planet

Navigated by Philippe Cousteau, STEMrangers takes your students on a guided journey to understand and find solutions for real-world STEM challenges.

Leveraging STEMrangers’ three fundamental curriculum tools, inspire your students to make a difference during summer school, as an after-school program, or for community science night.


Motivate students to get involved and excited with the help of engaging curriculum guided by Philippe Cousteau, who kicks off the investigation with a scientific mission. Philippe keeps excitement high with important briefings for every subject that relate to the mission.


Reconnaissance comes next. At each Recon Station, students dive deep into science topics and environmental issues to help them understand the different aspects of the mission.


The final step of the investigation consists of understanding the science and problems. This final piece takes your students' learning beyond the classroom; it becomes an experiment in real-world research, application, and more.

Choose from two STEMrangers kits:
Philippe Cousteau

About Philippe

Philippe Cousteau has established himself as a prominent leader in the environmental movement. An award-winning television host, producer, author, speaker, philanthropist, and social entrepreneur, Philippe is the son of Philippe Cousteau Sr. and grandson of Jacques Cousteau.

His life's mission is to empower people to recognize their ability to change the world.

Sample Lessons

Food and Water - STEMrangers Elementary

Immerse your students on a secret mission that challenges them to find solutions to ensure that safe, clean water is available for humans, plants, and animals in their community, or around the world. During the investigation, students will make observations and collect data that will help them solve their mission.

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